The right repellent

makes all the difference.

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Eco-conscious   |   Repels wide range of Insects   |   Does not kill Bees   |   No lasting Smells

Repeltec creates a safer, more comfortable world by protecting you in any environment from biting and pest insects, without harming people or the environment. Our range of friendly insect repellents have a dual action of both repelling insects and reducing the ability to bite. Repeltec works in a variety of ways for personal use and treating spaces and accessories.

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Protect Indoor & Outdoor Spaces
Spray on Portable Protection
Friendly Repellent Lotion

Repeltec Surface Coating is an insect repellent clear coating that you can apply to a wall or other surfaces, keeping insects away for up to 90 days inside and up to 30 days outdoors.

Repeltec Clothing & Gear sprays are an effective way to create fight insects when on the go. The spray creates a bubble around you with odor, that reduces landings and bites, only insect will smell.

Out preforming DEET, Repeltec Insect Repellent skin lotions are odorless after it is applied and does not feel sticky. The lotions do not have a sticky feeling after applying and are suitable for all ages. 

Why we want to eliminate toxic pesticides?

Pesticides do not discriminate. It doesn't know the good from the bad and it will kill all in its way

—  "We have to stop using Permethrin, DDT and other toxic pesticides in and around the places where we live."



Jane Goodall Institute

Disinfecting Buildings

Indoor Spraying

Somalia Malaria Program

Greek Architecture

In & Outdoor

Sokoni Africa Ltd.

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Protection all around

From waking up in a bug free house, to morning coffee in the garden without the annoyance of insects. Dropping kids off knowing they'll be coming back bite free and exploring without the hassle of itchy ..

Private Pool

Gardens & Patio

Orange Bed

Bedrooms & Indoor

Picnic in nature

Clothing & Accessories

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Professional Solutions

  • Used by professionals on 3 continents.

  • Tested to World Health Organization guidelines

  • Proven to work in the lab and in the field

  • Ideal for Pest Control, Uniforms, Hospitality, Infrastructure and more...

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Where We are now

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