Give your volunteers added protection against biting insects with insect-repellent uniforms. Whether they are serving in a local forest cleaning or on another continent , we can help!

Outdoor clothing

You run an outdoor clothing brand and want to offer something different. There are many items that can be treated and made insect repellent. Get inspired here!


repellent gear

Repeltec™ is not limited to clothing. Other textile items can be treated with insect repellent.

Animal products

We all love our dogs, cats and other pets, but they inevitably pick up some unwanted visitors.

Whether you make products for chihuahuas or horses, find out how we can work together.

Fashion against bugs 

You can still look fabulous and not be bitten by mosquitoes.  Our products don’t only work on the rough stuff.  Protect yourself on warm summer nights or during outdoor events.

Repellent active wear

Do your customers love working out outside without being chased by mosquitoes?


against bugs

Repeltec™ is applied for defensive forces and other governmental institutes to help protect from disease carrying insects.