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"Repeltec was born out of a desire to do good and make an impact in the fight against insect borne diseases. This principle needs to stay at the core of the company"

Tom Sam, CEO


“Be accessible to everyone, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire, and implement solutions to fight insect borne diseases.”



“ Reducing insect bites and protect the ones that need it the most.”



“ Supplying brand partners with insect repellent treatments and help them develop.

Product Principles

Repeltec's products are designed with the idea to reach the mass market therefor we have set the following product principles.

  • Quality first.

  • Healthy margins for everyone involved.

  • Affordable for end consumers all over the world.

  • Easy to implement into current manufacturing facilities.

repeltec logo white.png


Key impressions:

  • Trust worthy

  • Reliable

  • Reassuring

Make sure the repeltec Logo's have enough space to be clearly readable and stand out in any design.

Preferred logo for print work and business business use. Specially referring to Repeltec treatments in liquid form this logo is preferred.

Preferred logo for consumer facing designs. 

Preferred logo for consumer facing designs that do not have enough space to have the full written logo.

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Repeltec logo icon.png
Repeltec logo icon.png
Repeltec logo icon.png
repeltec logo icon white.png
repeltec logo icon white.png
Repeltec logo icon.png
Repeltec logo icon.png
repeltec logo icon white.png

Brand Colors



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