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"Repeltec insect repellent technology" is applied in a wide scope of products from garments to coatings. Our company goal is to reduce the number of insect borne diseases while preserving our environment.


Repeltec is products are based on ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate, an effective insect repellent widely used in insect repellent lotions and creams. Repeltec has been able to stabilize this active ingredient creating a wide scope of new applications.

Continues textile solutions

Why we want to eliminate toxic pesticides?

Pesticides do not discriminate. It doesn't know the good from the bad and it will kill all in its way. 

—  "We have to stop using Permethrin, DDT and other toxic pesticides

in and round the places where we live."

Creating a Social Responsible Company

As Repeltec we know that with our products comes the responsibility to reach people where our products are needed the most. Therefor we partner with companies and non-profit organizations to create accessibility for all.

Repeltec Textile Technology in Action

Repeltec textile treatments can be used for any type of textile.
It is used in a wide variety of applications like insect repellent clothing, insect repellent socks to insect repellent tents. Repeltec can be used for continues treatments applied directly to fabrics as well as being applied in industrial laundry machines.

Repellent Uniforms

Insect repellent clothing using Repeltec to provide a layer of protection to your staff.

Animal Products

Protect your four legged friends from ticks and other insects.

Outdoor Garments

Adventure does not have to include mosquito bites. Insect repellent clothing can make adventure perfect.

Fashion Items

Looking good without the being covered in mosquito bites.

Repellent Gear

Create more insect repellent products like tents and blankets with Repeltec treatments.

Active Clothing

Stop running from mosquitoes and start enjoying your workout more.


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