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Application Methode:

Step One - Surface preparation 

Clean the surface you like to make insect repellent with Repeltec Clear Coatings.


Step Two - Protection and Gear

Put on gloves, mask and protective glasses to apply the spray.

To create the best results a fine spray nozzle is recommended. Using fine droplets will create a nice even layer and helps to limit the amount sprayed. Larger droplets might lead to drippings and will not create the invisible layer results.


Step Three

Fill your spray bottle or other tool used to apply the Repeltec coating. keep sufficient distance to the surface that you like to treat. We recommend a minimum distance of 40 cm or little over one feet for optimal results. Make sure the pump you are using is clean and does not hold any residue from other products. Check if the nozzle is clear and not clogged.

For Repeltec Coatings to create a great insect repellent result only a very thin layer is needed. Spay a surface swiftly and only once. Over spraying will not increase the insect repellancy results, you will use more product and have the risk over creating drippings.


Each liter of Repeltec insect repellent coating can treat up to 80 square meters of surface. In a real life situation due to over spraying this will result into 65-70 square meters. If you  use more product and thus treat less surface than 65 square meters to the liter you are over spraying. This issue could be solved by using a spray bottle with a finer nozzle.


Step Four


We advise to start spraying in a place not in direct sight where you can test your gear and spraying technique.

Make sure that the Repeltec coating covers the area you would like to treat. if any drippings show, remove the drippings with a cloth before it dries.


Step Five

 The type of surface, humidity, temperature and airflow all influence the drying time of the insect repellent coatings. Make sure the Repeltec coating is completely dry before you start using the now insect repellent space.

Repeltec coatings give off an odor which will disappear once the coating is dried out. make sure to create sufficient ventilation. 

High porosity surfaces dry within about 3 hours in normal conditions, whereas lower porosity surfaces might take over 12 hours to dry. There are ways to speed up the drying time.




To speed up the drying process in a space good ventilation is key. By using warm air blowers you will be able to decrease the humidity in the room and speed up the drying process. 

Gear Options:

One - Small Hand Pump 

Small hand pumps are ideal for small application of the Repeltec insect repellent coating. They are easy to handle and easy to control. These handpumps are readily available and a cost efficient solution for implementors that are just looking to make their homes insect repellent.


Two - Back Pack Pump

For the more serious work a larger pump can make your job a lot faster. These pumps are available online or in a professional stores.


Three - Air Pressure Pump

For large scale work and professionals that have to spray on a regular basis we recommend looking into air pressured spray guns. these guns give great control over the spray and create the most professional results when creating large insect repellent spaces. 

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