Who says you need to look like you are going on a world trip to be protected? Repeltec™ can be applied to all sorts of fabrics and items.

Start at the basics

Repeltec™ is easy to integrate into your manufacturing process, but it can also be applied to final garments.

The treatment is applied at normal temperatures so you do not have to worry about bleeding colors or shrinkage. 

Applicable to any product

Repeltec™ is applicable to any textile product. Provide protection from top to bottom, from socks all the way up to baseball caps. 

You design. We help with application.

Maternity wear

Pregnant? No problem. Repeltec’s™ active ingredient is used widely in lotions and baby products.

A mosquito bite can be dangerous – or just annoying. Repeltec™ will help reduce the chances of being bitten.

Your maternity brand could include an insect repellent clothing line.