Repeltec™ is not limited to garments. Other items can be made insect-repellent. 

Outdoor clothing is a natural option for treatment, but Repeltec can also be applied be applied to other items such as tents, sleeping bags and hammocks.

bugs are everywhere

Since insects are not limited to clothing, neither are we. 
From blankets to picnic baskets to table cloths, many items can be developed with Repeltec.

You know your niche. Reach out to Repeltec™ to brainstorm new, innovative insect-repellent products. 

camping is in tents

Your customers love sleeping in nature –

minus the bugs.

Together, we can offer a solution: An insect-repellent safe space for campers to get a perfect night’s sleep.


repellent nets

Sleeping under an insect-repellent net maximizes its effectiveness. The combination is ideal for preventing bites from mosquitoes that carry dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue or the Zika virus. 


If your company or organization is already buying nets, we can help your current manufacturer apply Repeltec™. 

Repeltec™ is also able to support your organization in finding a supplier.