Repeltec textile treatments are based on ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate an insect repellent commonly used in insect repellent lotions that are applied directly to the skin. Repeltec does not kill insects but keeps them at a distance. If a mosquito or other biting insect would come to land on a treated textile its nerve system receives a sort of flash bang, rendering the insect unable to find where to bite.

How to apply Repeltec insect repellent textile treatments?

Repeltec has a solution for every situation, depending on the scope, materials and application, our team of experts can assist you in making the right choice. 
  • Continues Treatments

    Continues insect repellent textile treatments using Repeltec as its active ingredient.

  • Industrial


    Industrial laundry applications to make your clothing insect repellent. 

  • Yarn


    For large scale production of insect repellent socks, neck guards or other mass items.

  • Spray Application

    The best way to treat large items or hard to handle fabrics with insect repellent treatments.

Repeltec Textile Technology in Action

Repeltec textile treatments can be used for any type of textile.
It is used in a wide variety of applications like insect repellent clothing, insect repellent socks to insect repellent tents. Repeltec can be used for continues treatments applied directly to fabrics as well as being applied in industrial laundry machines.

Repellent Uniforms

Insect repellent clothing using Repeltec to provide a layer of protection to your staff.

Animal Products

Protect your four legged friends from ticks and other insects.

Outdoor Garments

Adventure does not have to include mosquito bites. Insect repellent clothing can make adventure perfect.

Fashion Items

Looking good without the being covered in mosquito bites.

Repellent Gear

Create more insect repellent products like tents and blankets with Repeltec treatments.

Active Clothing

Stop running from mosquitoes and start enjoying your workout more.


Continues treatment

Repeltec  works directly with manufacturers to apply Repeltec insect repellent textile treatments directly to fabrics at fabric mills around the world.
Our team of experts will guide your factory in their local language during the application process.
Used for large scale treatment of fabrics


easy to scale
your mill
cost efficient
no hassle
Used for small batches and small items
Not all products can be treated in large scale. some specialized items like school uniforms or smaller designer labels might consider applying Repeltec with the industrial laundry application.
This application is also perfect for smaller items such as socks, arm sleeves or neck guards. 

Industrial Laundry


perfect for small
easy to apply anywhere
able to start small
Used for very large scale treatment of yarns
Direct to yarn applications are only reserved for our large scale implementors. Applying to yarns can only be done at very large scale. The application direct to yarn can bring advantages to manufacturers of socks, neck guards but also to manufacture mosquito nets, replacing the permethrin treatments.

Yarn Application


only large scale
Efficient application
cost efficient
minimum wastage

Spray Application

Repeltec insect repellent spray applications for textiles are mostly used for items that can not easily be treated in other applications such as sensitive fabrics and products like fashion fabrics and finished hats.
The other application of the Repeltec textile sprays is large scale items such as temporary living facilities and camping gear like tents. This solution will not last as many washes.
Used for one sided applications


large items
sensitive items
cost efficient
Only lasts 7-10


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