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Repeltec insect repellent coatings are based on ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate an insect repellent active ingredients commonly used in insect repellent lotions that are applied directly to the skin. Repeltec does not kill insects but keeps them at a distance. If a mosquito or other biting insect would come to land on a treated textile its nerve system receives a sort of flash bang, rendering the insect unable to find where to bite.


Less bugs

Repeltec shows a large reduction of insects like mosquitoes in treated spaces

Biting INsects

If a biting insect would land their receptors get overloaded and a biting insect will not be able to detect its pray. 




Up To 


Fast To Apply
Cost Efficient
Any Surface
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Professional Use

Repeltec has a solution for every situation, depending on the scope, materials and application, our team of experts can assist you in making the right choice. 
Repeltec Active Coating 10 Liter Jerry C

Insect repellent clear coating

Looking far a cost efficient and fast to apply product? Repeltec clear insect repellent coatings are the treatment you are looking for. Apply the clear wall treatment directly to any surface. Simply spray a extremely thin layer of Repeltec clear coating on a surface and let it dry. Drying times depend on the circumstances and material the product is applied on. On application Repeltec has a order which disappears when the product has fully dried. 
The most versatile application on the market
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Where is it applied

creating bite reduction zones
Repeltec coatings and paint additives are versatile in their applications as well as the application scenario's. 
Any facility suffering from mosquitoes could benefit from Repeltec insect repellents.
Residential spaces
No matter if you just like to make your baby's room insect repellent or you would like to treat your entire house, Repeltec will show you a great reduction of biting insects.
Repeltec has experience treating hospitals with insect repellent coatings. Important for a long lasting effect is to understand the scrubbing protocols. Repeltec Coatings can be combined with an anti-microbial treatment reducing fungi and bacteria as well mosquitoes.
Office buildings
Optimize your workforce's comfort by creating a mosquito free workspace. 
Not all factories can be temperature controlled, creating an optimal environment for mosquitoes and other biting insects. Repeltec coatings can be applied swiftly minimizing the down times of your factory or workspace.
Public buildings
Public buildings but also spaces like public bathrooms bus stops and other spaces used by the public greatly benefit from Repeltec's reduction in biting insects.